Green Light Shooting Combine

BC's Very Own Shooting Combine

Learn to shoot from the best

Hosted by the GREEN LIGHT SHOOTING COMBINE team, comprised of a collaboration with three of the top shooters & shooting coaches on the West Coast, representing each of their respective basketball clubs:

Taylor Cherris-Wilding: @raincitybasketball

Steve Janzen: @elevatebask and @pureshooting

Elliot Mason: @elliotmasonbasketball

Shooting is the most important skill in the game of basketball! If you can knock down shots, you are much more of a threat on the court and there is a spot on any team for you! Shooters can’t be made in one night, but the GREEN LIGHT SHOOTING COMBINE provides all the insights needed and how to in creating the proper habits to be a total LIGHTS OUT, GREEN LIGHT shooter!

The GREEN LIGHT SHOOTING COMBINE is an opportunity for players to further develop their shooting technique, acquire training methods to take their shooting to the next level, and showcase their shooting performance. The Combine will provide an opportunity for players to get exposure through the shooting drills that the best from the area will compete in. Through leaderboards, will their quantifiable data be presented for viewing online.

If you are an aspiring basketball player and want to take your shooting ability to the next level & compete amongst the best, this combine is for you!

Click here to join the Green Light Shooting Combine Today!

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