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  RainCity                  Story

RainCity Basketball was started in the Summer of 2017.  Coach Taylor and Coach Emmy had been working with other clubs but they really wanted to start a program that not only focused on developing skilled basketball players in Vancouver, but also about contributing, and giving back to our community.


For us this starts on the hardwood. Basketball teaches us many life lessons through our dedication. It teaches us to be hard working, respectful citizens that understand core values of commitment, team play, hustle, and passion.


We want to support the next generation of leaders. We want to help our athletes to learn the skills, and habits needed to accomplish their goals on and off the court. We take tremendous pride in our work as coaches, and as educators.

Coach Tay and Coach Em have been a part of the basketball community for the past 25 years, they have a true passion for the game, a deep love and respect for what the game can do for anyone who puts in the work.  They two were high school teammates at Terry Fox Secondary where they represented the BC U-19 team together at the 2001 Canada Summer Games. Later, they competed against each other in University while Coach Em was playing at SFU, and Coach Tay at University of Manitoba, and Brandon University.  Both of these players racked up numerous awards, and milestones along their journey while playing in all the biggest games that Canada has to offer.


Both coaches chose a career in since because they truly care about passing down their life lessons to the next generation.  All of our coaches here at RainCity Basketball have multiple years of playing and coaching basketball, but also working with youth in a number of different settings in Vancouver.


We hope to impact every young athlete that comes through our doors, and we hope they walk out ready to pursue their passions on and off the court.


This is so much bigger than basketball.


“Our mission is to strengthen and empower youth using basketball as a tool. We work to develop basketball players of all ages and abilities in a fun, safe, inclusive, and highly energetic atmosphere.”

Our focus is on player development, whether you are a beginner or an elite player you will learn the tools, and habits needed to get better here. No gimmicks, the only way to improve is through hard work and game speed reps. That's what we are all about.

RainCity Basketball is a program that prides itself on a strong progression based curriculum. We are very passionate about coaching the next generation, all of our coaches have many years of playing experience at the highest levels, but that's not enough, on top of that we are all dedicated to youth off the court also. We work as teachers, education assistants, youth workers, working with some of the cities most vulnerable students. We have the necessary experience to work with all young athletes, and not only help them improve as players, but as young leaders too.

RainCity Basketball Club works very hard to be more accessible and affordable to the greater Vancouver community,we will always work with families in need through subsidies, or scholarships. We are driven to help the next generation achieve their goals in all areas of life.

Let's get better together, Vancouver!





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