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Improve your game on and off the court with one of RainCity Basketball's Club Teams 

All Ages and Skill Levels Welcome!

Improve Your Basketball Skills. No matter what your skill level is, we will work with you to improve your game by pushing you outside your comfort zone to reach a new level. Game speed reps, footwork, form, and learning why and when to do things is the only way to get better as a player.

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Make New Friends and Teammates. Tryout to join a team with other players your age. Train and compete together and become one unified group to work toward your goals.Work on your communication, developing confidence, and becoming a leader on and off the court.

Train With the Top Coaches In Vancouver. The RainCity coaching staff has been there.  All the coaches have played high level basketball in their playing days, college, university, and professionally,  and are all dedicated to passing on their knowledge to the next generation. Don't just talk about it, be about it.

Team Practices

You will practice 2-3 times a week with your team to become an elite basketball team. We will expand your knowledge of the game to prepare for high-level competition.  

Improve Your Game

Our coaches will work with you on individual skills in each practice and give you the tools to work on your skills on your time to become an elite basketball player.


Competition within our teams and with other local clubs has been allowed as of May 25th. We will be having 1-2 games per week all summer long.

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AAU Team Details

Price: $350/month (plus tax) 


  • 2- 3 practices/week

  • 1 - 2 games/week

  • Local League and Tournament Play

  • Player Kit (uniform/t shirts/socks/warm up)

Program Duration:  Seasonal throughout the year

Fall U10-U18 Boys & Girls Sept-Dec

Winter U10-U13 Boys & Girls Jan-Mar

Spring U10-U18 Boys & Girls April-June

Summer U10-U18 Boys & Girls June - Sept

Upcoming Important Dates:

Boys Tryouts: Dec 14th & Dec 15th 2022

Girls Tryouts: Dec 14th & Dec 15th 2022


All teams will have a full local schedule, tournaments are again permitted with protocol in place. 

Tope Elite 1 teams will be travelling to Calgary, Seattle, LA, and Las Vegas.

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