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Sign up your team for the 5th annual 'Splash It Up' Charity 3v3 Tournament August 8/9th. All proceeds will go towards our many RainCity Scholarships and Subsidies for those that qualify and those in need. We work very hard to ensure fees are not a barrier for kids that want to play. Your support means so much.


A Weekend of Fun and Festivities!


How To Sign Up

1. Get your group of friends and choose a team name

2. Sign up as a team or individually through our website

3. Make your donation and we will send you more information on the schedule closer to the date!


The Rules

  1. Each team will need 3 players minimum to compete. We will play 3v3 full court using the smaller outdoor courts a Templeton Secondary School. All games indoor half court FIBA rules.

  2. Games are 15-minutes (or first to 21 - win by 2) - If no winner is decided after 15 minutes then the game will be decided by Sudden Death FT Shooting

  3.  $30 per player to participate

  4. Minimum 3 players per team. Max 6

  5.  Play a minimum 3 games as you play through the competition in the tournament

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