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  • Where can I register?
    You can register for our Elite Clinics and Club Teams on our website. For Skill Session ages 5-13, you can follow the links on our website to the community centres that we work with!
  • How old do you have to be to participate a RainCity Basketball?
    Our programs start anywhere from 5 years old for our Community Centre programs to our Elite Camps which we accomodate anyone trying to get better for High School, College, and University teams.
  • Is it safe for a child to be playing basketball?
    Our coaches all work in the Vancouver School Board and have certified First Aid training. We also work in community centres that are prepared for any mishaps. The entire program is insured in case of extrenuating cercumstances.
  • How do we know RainCity is the right fit for our family?
    The Elite Clinics that run outside of the community centres offer a free trial for first timers. Why not try a skill session, practice, or schedule a phone call with Coach Taylor to see how RainCity can fit with your family?
  • Can parents watch the sessions?
    Of course! We encourage all parents to come watch their kids learn how to play basketball. If you don't have time, it's okay, we will take care of them for the duration of the programs.
  • Will your program make my child elite one day?
    Like anything, practice makes perfect. The more sessions you participate in, the better you will become. We give you the tools to be elite, but it is totally up to the player what they do with these tools in their free time.
  • Where are the programs held?
    We currently operate in the downtown Vancouver area. We are in Coal Harbour Community Centre, Yaletown Roundhouse Community & Recreation Centre, and Crosstown Elementary School.
  • What sort of things should I consider when choosing an after school program?
    You should have trust that the coaches or teachers will take care of your children with the same care you would. You should also know if the coaches are professionals that can get the best out of your children each day.
  • Should we bring a lunch or snack for the camps?
    It is recommended that if you think your child will need to eat, then they should bring enough food to keep them going. The schools and community centres don't have a lot of food options.
  • Should we bring a basketball?
    The community centres have basketballs for use, although not all of them are up the same quality that your own ball may be. Feel free to use the balls supplied, or bring your own.
  • How much time in advance should we book a program?
    The earlier the better. We offer promotional early bird offers on some of our programs if you sign up to our newsletter. Otherwise you may drop-in to our programs or get pro-rated prices on programs alread in progress.
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