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RainCity Skill Sessions

RainCity Skills Sessions have 3 seperate groups and training designed for player development at any level.


Junior Baller Program,

Ages 5-8, focus is on FUNdamentals, meeting new friends, learning the basic skills, understanding rules, and playing lots of games.

Youth Hoops Program

Ages 9-13, we progress with the skill of the players, starting to move beyond the basics, introducing more advanced skills, pushing harder in practice, more running and more competition.

RainCity Skill Sessions

Ages 9-13 & Ages 13-18, We are now pushing hard, focus is on details, game speed reps, elite counters & combos, elite finishing, shooting while tired, and high level game play. 


Our expert coaches are pushing every player in this program to their limits, to help them reach their full potential on and off the court.

 In all programs we progress with the athletes as we move up in age and skill level.

RainCity Skill Sessions are for players just learning the game at very young ages or for players who have dreams of playing past high school and beyond. 

Register for a program now, do not hesitate to email with any questions about which program is for you.

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