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Sign up below to receive our free online basketball training course. You will receive 5 different workouts that only require a ball to work on while we are socially distant.


Each session includes video demonstrations and worksheets so you can follow along and track your progress as you work on your skills.  


Simply fill out the form to get the course delivered to your inbox.

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5 Free Online Workouts 

To Master Your Game From Home

NO hoop necessary! We will give you the tools to master your game without the use of a net (but you can also use a net for these too!)

Get professional coaching so you never develop bad habits while practicing on your own 

RainCity Basketball has been a great addition to my boys’ training and the coaches have helped bring their game to the next level. The energy and expertise that Coach Tay brings to the court makes training intense and enjoyable. 


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— Allison Margheritas, Parent

Coach Tay brings a vibrant energy to each session that translates to getting buckets and developing advanced basketball IQ. He custom-designs programs for each player, turning beginners into high level competitors.

Learn to master elite basketball skills without ever leaving your home 

Challenge your family and friends with the daily challenges in each workout!

— Nadine, All-Star Guard

Coach Tay exemplifies passion for the game and has the ability to bring out the best in his players. He is a shooting specialist that incorporates ball handling and explosiveness in his drills, ensuring that every player completes each session better equipped for gameplay.

— Reggie Wu, Parent

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