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Humans of Support Feature of RainCity Basketball

We are very proud of everyone involved in our online basketball training that helped us raise money for the BackPack Buddies. Shout out to the players, parents and coaches who made this all possible. We were nominated by a parent to the Humans of Support who featured our story on their network.

Humans of Support is an organization run by Zenna Wong and Charles Zuckerman. Their mission started in March to highlight and celebrate the front-line healthcare workers and their stories as they navigate through the Covid-19 pandemic.

We never expected to be featured alongside frontline workers and are by no means on the same level of commitment as all the dedicated people working in the healthcare system so to be featured by Humans of Support has been humbling for us. We are very proud of our contributions to the BackPack Buddies and ability to bring an elite online basketball training program that works on our games and brings kids together.

As a small business in Vancouver, we take pride in our community; which is why we want to share our story with as many people as we can. We don’t mean to boast or gloat about our charitable efforts, but we hope that it will inspire others in our community to make a difference.

There are some big problems in our world right now. There is no shortage of people who don’t have enough support. Since we live in Canada, our local community can often be overlooked. Vancouver specifically has glaring socio-economic issues that affect every single one of us. There are tens of thousands of people here who need extra help; even in our own neighbourhoods.

As the old saying goes; you are only as strong as your weakest link. We are very lucky to be Canadian and have certain privileges, and RainCity Basketball Club will always be committed to doing the extra work to give back to our community as much as we can.

I hope that we can inspire the youth to grow up as model citizens who give more than they take. If you’re a parent reading this, then I hope that you appreciate our efforts to lead by example, we aim to inspire, and work together. This is the most important part of coaching for us.

If you’re in your youth reading this; then do the exact same! Everyone has value and can give back in some form. It feels good, because it is good, and it can lead to long lasting connections.

If it’s giving your time, lending an extra hand, monetary donations, or something as simple as acknowledging someone with a simple, “good morning!”

Your power and your privilege matters. Let’s stop talking about it, and let’s be about it! Let’s make our community a better place together; because it takes the many to make a difference.

You can check out Humans of Support on Facebook, Instagram and Website just by clicking.

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